Thursday, January 3, 2013

North Bay Village Returns to the Junior Orange Bowl Parade

The Junior Orange Bowl Parade was Sunday and it was great.  We had 15 kids, the mayor and Deputy City Manager Jenice Rosado on the float.  (In my opinion, Jenice should always be on a float.)  The kids were chosen from Treasure Island Elementary, from the honor roll, and the float was sponsored by WSVN, Waste Management, Lifts 'R' Us, and Central Plumbing.   

Rosa Neely put together the school logistics and Jenice Rosado managed all the parade logistics.   It was a proud showing for North Bay Village to return to the Junior Orange Bowl.  The PAL used to march but the police chief "suspended" the program two years ago.  This is my favorite picture but there will be more to follow.  

Kevin Vericker
January 3, 2013

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