Thursday, December 20, 2012

Local Crime

CRIME INCIDENT: There was a brazen break in on Sunday night/Monday morning. As I understand it, someone entered a house on Adventure where the occupants were sleeping, stole a purse containing car keys, and drove off in the car. The robbery was reported in the morning. There was also a police call around 2 AM that a man had been seen running through the yards on S. Treasure and that he was carrying a gun. The police responded but did not find him.

Last night, the police and the mayor met with a group of residents to discuss the situation. The investigation is ongoing but in the meantime, the police are hand delivering a flier today with a description of the break in. The flier will be distributed door to door to the single family homes and available at the apartments.  

A little known service is that the police will on your request do a security review of your home. You can call them at 305 758-2626 or email them through the website to request the service.

It's scary to know that leaving your windows open while you're in the house can be a security risk but it is.

There is also increased police presence at Treasure Island Elementary School. You may have noticed the police units stationed in front of and behind the school. Obviously this is in response to the horror in Connecticut.

No parent in the world can drop their kids off at school without thinking it could happen here and the sad truth is that it can. But the police and the school are working to make it safer. Again, you should have the number of the PD in your speed dial, 305 758-2626, and if you're concerned, call the PD and talk with them about their plans and your suggestions.  We're all in this

Kevin Vericker 
December 20, 2012

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