Monday, April 16, 2012

Scott Greenwald Sues The City

Scott Greenwald filed suit on March 28, 2012 asking the Federal Courts to rule that the North Bay Village ordinance governing adult businesses is unconstitutional. The full complaint is below.

Scott Greenwald has a years long overdue tax bill on the same property of $914,164.94 on the property at 1415 79th St. and three more more totaling $183,084.06 on his abandoned properties on West Drive (source: Miami-Dade Property Appraiser) Greenwald is also the city's landlord at the Lexi, sits on the Budget Oversight Board deciding how the taxes he doesn't pay get spent, and contributed heavily to the campaigns of Commissioner Eddie Lim and Planning and Zoning Chairman Rey Trujillo.

The strip club will be a disaster for North Bay Village. The ordinance designed to protect us was crafted so as to ensure that the any such establishment would be at least five hundred feet away from a school, have adequate parking and security, and not interfere with the development of the water front. Scott's club will sit directly across from a child care center and a school, has been designed with the loosest possible interpretation of parking and will kill any chance of creating a Baywalk.

Our city has to mount a vigorous defense in the courts. Let the commission know that we expect every possible legal avenue to prevent this from happening. And seriously, Greenwald's a deadbeat. Kick him off the city boards. Now.

The complaint is below.

Kevin Vericker
April 16, 2012

Isle of Dreams vs North Bay Village

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