Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frank Rodriguez Resigned

Treasure Island Commissioner Frank Rodriguez resigned from the commission last week. Not much of a surprise. Looking at how the commission is constituted, there was nothing left for a single independent voice to do, especially since even the voice had been silenced.

In December, former interim city manager Robert Daniels proposed and the commission passed a resolution to kill the legislative powers of the commission. Under the new junta, in order to introduce a resolution or an ordinance, the commission must first vote to allow the introduction. In other words, an individual commissioner has no legislative powers at all. This closes the door to any voices that do not agree with the majority.

It's disgusting, unconstitutional, against our charter, was introduced by a police chief (acting as city manager) whose own contract violates our charter and passed by a commission whose primary purpose is to stifle dissent.

We are now governed by an unelected commissioner who had herself appointed mayor, a nasty old man who stole thousands in city services over the last three years, a martinet posing as a doctor and one elected commissioner whose sole public policy contribution has been his unwavering support for a strip club.

I can't wait to see who they appoint next.

Kevin Vericker
January 14, 2012

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