Monday, May 10, 2010

The May 11 Commission Meeting

I have been told by Mayor Oscar Alfonso and Commissioner Frank Rodriguez that the planned commission meeting for Tuesday May 11, 7:30 at the Treasure Island School, may be back on. The meeting was cancelled when Commissioner Trujillo could not attend, and then Vice Mayor George Kane and Commissioner Paul Vogel suddenly also found themselves otherwise engaged. Nevertheless, both Rodriguez and Alfonso have made it clear that the issues facing the city, the need for a city manager, the need for a police chief, the need for a grants manager and the ballooning deficit (now nearly double the planned reductions) are too urgent to be left unaddressed and have told me they plan to be there tomorrow even if the others cannot.

I also understand that a number of citizens will be there as well. I wish I could be but I am away due to a family illness. Still I am pleased that at least two members of our commission take their oaths seriously enough to put aside the bickering and show up.

Kevin Vericker

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