Friday, April 16, 2010

Police Reinstatement

From: "Bob Pushkin"
Date: April 15, 2010 4:10:53 PM EDT

Subject: Sgt. Kevin Beatty

Today Sgt. K. Beatty was instructed by me to return to active duty. This decision was based on the findings of the Interim Police Chief investigation that there was not substantial evidence to the charges against him. Mr. Jim Crossland agreed and advised me to advise the Interim Chief to re-instate Sgt. Beatty. Mr. Crossland will be forwarding me an e-mail so stating this.

Bob Pushkin

Robert "Bob" Pushkin

Cell: 786-877-1678

Fax: 305-756-7722


My prediction: This is the first of many rollbacks to ensure that the police exert an inappropriate influence on the city.

Corrections -

1.) I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had misunderstood how the demotion of former Vice Mayor Trujillo came about. Just to be clear, he did not propose it or vote for it. It was proposed by Frank Rodriguez and our new vice mayor cheerfully accepted the post.

I have learned from this mistake. When I am tired and at a meeting, I will in future always check the official record before I write anything. I've removed the posting as errors have a way of sticking around.

I wonder if Mr. Trujillo learned from his mistake regarding with whom he allies?

2.) An odd email went out from ADIOSALFONSO@HOTMAIL.COM, an address associated with Fane Lozman's site. I spoke to Lozman at the meeting and he explained that his email had been compromised, apparently he had shared it with others.

I have been the object of the childish "dog on the internet" fraud myself so I am not surprised.

Remember, I only send signed emails, as I believe in disclosure.

3.) Finally, I am removing the "anonymous" comments from the blog. Some have been good, most have been illiterate rants, but some have threatened violence. I won't be party to it. If you want to comment, you need to open a Google account and provide your contact information. Or email me.

I am in New Jersey again this week. I probably won't catch up until Monday or so.

Kevin Vericker

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