Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update Regarding My Last Post on the Police Issues

In my last post, I wrote about the circumstances of the arbitration case facing the city. In that post, I stated, regarding the arbitration:

And we are going to lose it not because it was wrong to dismiss Sgt Abramson, but because our own NBVPD screwed up the investigation.

In this statement, I was referring to information I had gathered from the public commission meetings. As I understood this, the timing of the complaint and the internal affairs investigation exceeded the 180 day limit under the Policeman's Bill of Rights (state legislation.)

Lt. McCready of the North Bay Village PD and I had a conversation about that today and according to the record of investigation, this is wrong. The IA investigation was started in December, 2006 and completed by March 2007, 109 days after the IA complaint was filed, well within the rules.

I did speak with Matt Schwartz, City Manager, about this today, and Matt is reluctant to comment since this is an ongoing court matter, other than to say that counsel has recommended against proceeding.

I stand by my belief that the city should not be risking an expensive court battle at this point, but I need to withdraw the statement "our own NBVPD screwed up the investigation." I don't know this and I appreciate Lt. McCready calling me out on that and apologize for the presumption.

Kevin Vericker

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