Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reminder on Comments

Personal attacks with be deleted. Anonymous comments may be deleted.

You want to know why? I will tell you why. Look at this I got today.

"Funny that the posts about the $100,000 per year Chief’s secretary keep getting deleted but she should be out first. Then get rid of a few Detectives. Really? 7 getting and extra 5%" by Anonymous.

I rejected it.

I want readers to comment but remember:

1.) We are the reality based community so it matters that we have facts, you know things that other people can see too.

The first fact free sentence implies that I have been rejecting posts about someone.

This is not a fact as I have never received any posts or deleted any comments before this.

2.) Then Anonymous says "she should be out first." Snap. Fail. Personal attack. No facts, no reasoning, just a focused insult. Not happening.

3.) Finally, I freakin' love this "Really? 7 getting and extra 5%". Did you fall asleep at the keyboard? Were those alien signals penetrating the tin foil?

So this is the only time I will post about the comments rejected. Remember, to be accepted - no personal attacks, you can be anonymous if you choose to but I do not encourage it. And if you can't create a full sentence, I don't really think I should have to work that hard to figure you out.

Kevin Vericker

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